14th - 15th May 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are hopefully a series of answers to many of the questions you may already have. We will be updating this continually as race day approaches.

If you need any further information or have a question that has not been answered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Is there a mandatory kit list?

Yes, as you would expect for an ultra marathon passing through some quite remote stretches of countryside, for safety reasons there is a mandatory set of kit you are required to carry at all times. Please see our Race-Kit Page. This kit will be checked at registration, with further random checks during and at the finish. Failure to produce items will result in disqualification.

What are the entry requirements?

As per UKA rules for races of these distances, you must be a minimum of 20 years old on the date of the event. Three Rivers Ultra entrants must have previously completed a trail marathon; Four Rivers Ultra entrants must have previously completed a 35 mile trail marathon; Five Rivers Ultra entrants must have previously completed a 50 mile trail marathon.

The Essex & Suffolk coast may seem like a benign environment, but this can be quite exposed and isolated terrain, so train accordingly and familiarise yourself with running and navigating in the dark.

Further details can be found in our full terms & conditions of entry.

Where are the intermediate checkpoints?

On the 5RU route, there are seven main manned intermediate checkpoints located at Manningtree (15 miles); Shotley Gate (32 miles); Suffolk Food Hall (41 miles); Trimley St. Martin Village Hall (52 miles); Woodbridge (64 miles); Ramsholt Arms Pub (74 miles); Butley Village Hall (87 miles). The 4RU course uses the latter five from this list. The 3RU course uses the latter three from this list.

What are the intermediate time limits / cut offs?

The cut-offs will be based on maintaining a steady pace consistent with the overall time limits for each course. This means that all three courses can be tackled by walkers as well as runners. The 5RU course will require a consistent route march of ~3.5mph to complete it. The 4RU course will require a steady walk of ~2.3mph to complete it. The 3RU course will require a modest walk speed of ~1.7mph.

Can I have my own crew?

You are welcome to use your own crew, however please consider that this race passes through local communities and avoid disturbing local residents by meeting your crew away from residential areas.

You are still required to visit all race checkpoints for safety reasons. Checkpoints are for runners and race officials primarily and we therefore reserve the right to ask crew to leave if space is at a premium. Further guidance on the use of crew and suggested locations will be shared closer to the race.

What food is available on the course?

A full menu will be published closer to the event itself but expect a small selection of cold simple sweet and savoury snacks at the checkpoints out on the course. For the Five Rivers Ultra course, the halfway checkpoint at Trimley St Martin will also provide soup, warm drinks and a vegetarian pasta dish.

What facilities are available at the finish?

The finish line is at the Blaxhall Ship Inn, where hot and cold drinks and snacks will be available for all event finishers. There is some limited parking available for your support team to come and collect you. Mini-bus transfers back to the race start location In Harwich will also be available. Exact timings to be confirmed, but there will be one late Saturday evening run, with 3-4 further runs available throughout Sunday.

Do we have to use the mini-bus?

Use of the mini-bus (to return from the finish to the start location after the event) is purely optional. Please select if you would like to take advantage of this when entering.

What if I change my mind?

Details of our refund policy can be found in our terms and conditions but in short we are able to offer some sort of refund up until eight weeks before the race and transfer to another runner up until 14 days before the race.

Read our full terms and conditions for further details on our refund and transfer policy.

Will you be providing a commemorative medal to all entrants?

A commemorative medal will be provided to all entrants who complete their full course (3RU, 4RU or 5RU). The fastest man and fastest woman to complete the 5RU course will also receive a larger commemorative trophy.

Will you be providing a race t-shirt to all entrants?

We have taken the decision to not provide a race t-shirt to all our entrants for environmental reasons. Some people love them, others hate them but one thing is for sure, a large number end up in landfill and with the average technical t-shirt having the same amount of plastic in it as five plastic bottles, this is something we are keen to avoid.

For those that would like to have a t-shirt, we are looking into the options and will make these available in the coming months for an additional fee. This ensures that those who don’t want them don’t have to pay for them. It also allows us to look into providing a more premium product if possible.

We will share more news on this as we have it.

Are GPS devices allowed and will you provide a GPX file of the route?

Yes and yes! As soon as we have finished identifying and securing the checkpoint locations along the route, we will update the GPS track and publish this on the website and through ViewRanger for all to access.

Is the course marked or is it a self-navigating event?

All of our trail Ultras are self-navigation events, although primarily following designated regional trails.

This means that aside from some markings we may add around the checkpoints, you will be required to navigate yourself using map, compass and the existing signposts and trail markers positioned along the route.

While the signs are fairly well placed, familiarity with navigating in the dark using a map and compass is essential.

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